Training classes at Seneca Hill are conducted by Marnie Montgomery of Joyful Dog LLC. Marnie focuses on making it fun for both you and your dog to build the behavior you want.

Joyful DogHer good manners training and behavior modification techniques develop better communication and compassion between you and your dog. This positive reinforcement-based training program uses toys, treats and scientifically-based techniques, never fear, pain or intimidation.

Training classes for dogs and their people are designed to build confidence, calm and focus. The training program includes a variety of classes for dogs and their people, including:

Puppy Kindergarten

Teaches puppies that the world is fun while also teaching them basic behavior like sit, come, loose-leash walking, wait, leave it, attention, and settle.

Fido’s First Grade

Develops and improves basic skills while helping you build your connection with your dog. For adolescent, adult and senior dogs (8 months or older).

Clicks for Tricks: Fun and Games with Fido

All training should be a game, and this class helps you use “clicker training” to teach your dog new tricks.

Marnie is also available for individual sessions to address problem behaviors and for Tellington TTouch® sessions, a method that uses bodywork and movement to promote physical and behavioral balance in your dog and enhance your relationship with your dog.

Dog TrainingMarnie’s training approach is based on more than two decades of experience in adult education and, more recently, her intensive study of Tellington TTouch® techniques and rewards-based methods of dog training and behavior modification. A graduate of the College of William and Mary and George Mason University, she is a Pat Miller Certified Trainer, a Peaceable Paws affiliate, a member of the Tellington TTouch® Practitioner Guild, a member of the Mid-Atlantic Association of Positive Professional Pet Trainers, and a full member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).

Do Over Dogs

Combines basic manner training with gentle behavior modification skills to help your recently adopted adolescent or adult dog settle in to his new family. The curriculum is tailored to your concerns, and class size is limited to four students because our Do Over Dogs may need a little extra attention.

For additional information about the training program, including class schedule and admission requirements, please contact Joyful Dog LLC. A link is provided below.

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