Pet rehabilitation is an area of particular focus at Seneca Hill. To provide the best rehabilitative evaluation, treatment and care for your pet, our veterinarians and staff work closely with Carol Wasmucky, an experienced specialist trained in the field of animal rehabilitation. Carol was voted “BEST of Veterinary Specialists” in the WASHINGTONIAN magazine.

Seneca Hill works with Carol to treat pets with a wide variety of conditions. These might include knee injuries involving CCL tears, reconstructive surgery and TPLO, hip or elbow dysplasia, FHO, hernia, brain tumors, obesity, fractures, seizures, disc disease, rotator cuff injuries, Achilles tendon tears and repairs, and various sprains.

Depending on a pet’s diagnosis, therapeutic exercise programs often play a major role in the rehabilitation program. Aquatic therapy is particularly helpful as it provides non-weight bearing exercise to increase strength, endurance and weight loss. The Seneca Hill pool is a popular place for aquatic therapy.

A link to additional information about Carol Wasmucky’s animal rehabilitation program is provided below.